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WWDC Videos

Today another set of WWDC videos was posted on iTunes. The ADC on iTunes section in the iTunes Store now has two sub-sections with video’s available, the Leopard Sessions from WWDC 2006 and the new WWDC 2006 Sessions. The two remaining sub-sections Scientific Poster Session Podcasts and Foundational Sessions have yet to be filled with content.

ADC on iTunesWhen I attended a session it was made clear every time the session would be recorded, either slides and sound only, or using video for the bigger sessions. At WWDC everybody was already wondering if the sessions would become available on DVD like a few years ago. In 2005 the sessions were only available as video streams the size of a stamp, with the additional disadvantage that you had to re-stream them if you wanted to view them again.

So no DVD’s this year, but in my opinion an even better solution, video’s on iTunes. The video’s can be downloaded without DRM, and replayed over and over again.

According to the Apple developer website only Select and Premier Members can download the videos. I’m a student developer who visited the WWDC this summer, so it seems everyone who visited WWDC can download the videos too, cool!


Joris Kluivers
All I know is that the streaming sessions from WWDC 2005 have been removed from the ADC website when the 2006s were published. Allthough I can’t confirm this because I couldn’t view those in the first place.

Let’s just hope older sessions will turn up in iTunes too. If so, we might have to wait a bit, still not all sessions from 2006 have been published.
Any mention of sessions from previous WWDCs ending up on ADC on iTunes? ADC customer support doesn’t seem to have a clue.