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I like to build software.

More on SimilarTunes

Currently SimilarTunes is a very simple application to help you create playlists with somehow similar songs from your own library. After searching for an artist you set the similarity slider to the percentage of similarity of the songs and you create the playlist. To figure out how similar songs are, SimilarTunes uses several webservices like and MusicMobs.

After posting this software on, I received a few positive reactions. SimilarTunes was even mentioned on the MusicMobs weblog. I’m currently working on fixing one known problem: SimilarTunes only creates empty playlists for one user. I’m also working on some additional features, like adding the original artists searched for to the playlist.

There is some competition out there trying to reach the same goal, automatically create playlists with similar music:
While I use webservices based on social community input to determine similarity, most other software use properties like beat per minute count of a song to find similar music.

One particular interesting application is Tangerine recently introduced by Potion Factory. It’s the only mac application in the list. Like most others it analyzes the BPM count of a song but it really adds a innovative and delicious UI.