Joris Kluivers

I like to build software.


Who’s In

The easiest way to get together.
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Your lab notebook, reinvented. Available for Mac, an iOS version is being worked on.
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Status item menu to stream audio to multiple AirPlay speakers from your Mac. / Airwaves | Mac App Store

Update app

Social status updates and picture sharing from your iPhone. | App Store


I created the first versions of Uber, your private driver experience. Get a $10 discount on your first ride using the promo code uberams. | App Store

Song Tracker

An app to monitor and track statistics for songs played on all dutch radio stations.
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The only business card you ever need. Remembers where and when you met someone.


Open source tools and utilities created by me. Licensed New BSD unless otherwise noted in the source code or project.

Older Software

  • SteveNote Bingo - An iPhone webapp writter using the Cappuccino framework.
  • Ribbit - The Growl notifier plugin for Vuze (formerly known as Azureus).
  • SimilarTunes - An iTunes playlist generator based on artist similarity using and MusicMobz. Used a combination of Cocoa and AppleScript. (The app is aka. the genius from 2006).