Joris Kluivers

I like to build software.

About Joris

My name is Joris Kluivers. I’m a software engineer and what I most enjoy is developing for iOS (iPhone / iPad) and desktop OS X Cocoa. I’m based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

At the moment I’m working as an independent contractor. I help companies realise their products. This involves technical consulting, teaching, code reviews and development.

Up until march 2015 I worked for Nucleobytes (formerly Mekentosj), where I helped create Findings.

Before that I was CTO of Cardcloud and also helped and advised mobile related startups in their early phases. Examples of previous projects are:

  • Uber where I prototyped and build the first version of the app up till launch. Use my promo code to get $/€ 10 off your first ride: uberams
  • 22tracks - I created and maintained the iOS app for their first year.

See Software for a complete list of my creations.

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