Joris Kluivers

I like to build software.


The Growl notifier plugin for Vuze

Ribbit adds Growl notifications for several events to Vuze, the popular Bittorrent client. Using Growl you decide what notifications you will be shown and what they look like. Use them, suppress them, do whatever you like, YOU are in control.


  1. Select the plugin installation wizard from the Plugins menu.
  2. Select ‘By file’ to install the plugin from the downloaded file. Click next to continue.
  3. Select Ribbit.jar from the extracted download zip file.
  4. The Vuze Plugin Installer shows the files to be installed. Click the button ‘Install’ to start.
  5. Ribbit is not an official plugin. Proceed the installation if you still want Growl messages in Vuze.
  6. Ribbit is now succesfully installed, all installation windows can be closed.