Joris Kluivers

I like to build software.

My Software

So far I didn’t create really interesting software yet. Most of the stuff I created isn’t finished yet or abandoned already. However there are a few pieces of code I created which I thought were good enough to release into the wild.

Ribbit is a plugin for the popular Azureus bittorrent client. Ribbit takes advantage of Growl to display notifications like Download Finished.

This is my first public Cocoa application. It is a helper tool to create playlists in iTunes based on music similarity. When you enter an artist, SimilarTunes uses different webservices to find similar artists. It then shows a list of all similar artists you actually have in you music library.

My primary web server is down because of a dsl upgrade, the ISP has shut down all ports. I set up a mirror: Ribbit and SimilarTunes


Ah, the comments here may not allow you to contact me :(

Would you mind posting a comment letting me know where I can download it.

Many thanks,

Hi John,

I’ve been searching and searching for Ribbit since I rebuilt my computer last week, but your website seems to be down.

Would you mind sending me a copy?