Joris Kluivers

I like to build software.

Why This Weblog?

Welcome to my new weblog. I won’t introduce myself again, see my profile for more about me. I will tell you that I’ve started multiple weblogs before, none of which existed very long, but I intend to change this. So why another weblog and why do I think this one will survive?

I own a Apple Powerbook 12” for over three years now. I’ve always programmed, mostly using Java. Being interested in programming I had to explore the Java features of XCode. I wasn’t that impressed, but I was impressed about what I could do with XCode and Objective-C. I almost instantly liked Objective-C better then Java. This eventually made me signup for an Apple Student Developer membership, with in the back of my mind the possibility to sign up for a WWDC scholarship. I did send in a WWDC scholarship application, not knowing what my chances were, but eventually a WWDC ticket showed up in my ADC library.

So this summer I made my first visit to an Apple WWDC conference!

Inspired by all the things I’ve seen there, I got back to the Netherlands with renewed energy to start developing new software. I’ll try to keep you posted about my adventures on my journey as a cocoa developer as much as possible.

For the one or two readers that are actually reading this weblog, wondering why it’s called Cocoa Pirate: I said I will post about my Cocoa adventures (Adventures -> Pirate - Thus Cocoa Pirate, lol)