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I like to build software.

Code for My UIKonf Demos

Earlier this month I was in Berlin to present at the first edition of UIKonf. This turned out to be a really well organized conference with a lot of interesting technical iOS related talks.

The video of my talk on Bluetooth Smart in iOS and Mac apps will be posted online soon. However because the demos in my talk are not easily reproduced from video I published the code for the projects online.

  • Quartz Composer heartrate input patch - A quartz composer plugin that connects to the first Bluetooth Smart heartrate belt found and provides the current heart rate.
  • Heartrate graph - Quartz Composer heartrate graph based on the above plugin.
  • Proximity Demo - A mac app that uses proximity detection on a published peripheral service.

The conference day was followed by UIKode, a day long hackathon at the Readmill offices. I was glad to see my talk inspired a few teams which resulted in a nice amount of Quartz Composer and Bluetooth Smart usage. My favourite project presented at the end of the day was a Bluetooth Smart based remote control for your iPhone camera.

For me the day almost resulted in failure when reverse engineering the peripheral services used in the Bluetooth Bulb turned out to be a bit harder than expected. (More on those efforts in a future post).

So eventually I gave up and decided to hack a slit-scan like video effect in Quartz Composer (thanks Niels van Hoorn & team for the idea).

Download Composition (.zip, 5.1mb)