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Quartz Composer

This is a call to action for anyone with the ability to file radars. My goal is to send some kind of signal indicating there are still people out there that love Quartz Composer. Which in my opinion is an amazing tool, but unfortunately didn’t receive an update since 2011.

While relatively unknown, Quartz Composer (QC) is a versatile tool that is quite big in certain niche scenes. One of which is the VJ world. And recently I was reminded again that QC is an awesome tool for UI prototyping too.

For example Mike Matas (of Apple, Push Pop, Nest and Facebook fame) is known to use the tool a lot while designing his stunning interfaces. Facebook Home was prototyped and designed using QC, after he introduced the workflow there.

It’s no secret that many of us on the Facebook Design team are avid users of QuartzComposer, a visual prototyping tool that lets you create hi-fidelity demos that look and feel like exactly what you want the end product to be. We’ve given a few talks on QC in the past, and its presence at Facebook (introduced by Mike Matas a few years back) has changed the way we design. - Julie Zhuo @

To get a feel of how to start prototyping using Quartz Composer check the videos posted on Vimeo by Dave O Brien. In 11 videos he shows how you would create a dynamic interface like Facebook Home.

So to possibly direct some attention within Cupertino back to QC I’ve started filing some radars with updates I would like to see:


Let me know what updates you would like to see for QC and what radars you filed. I’m @kluivers on twitter and also @kluivers on