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Airwaves: 1 Month in the Mac App Store

Last month I quietly launched my first Mac app: Airwaves (Mac App Store).

The app was created to solve a single problem: stream system audio to multiple AirPlay speakers at the same time. For an app created purely for myself it’s doing surprisingly well.

Here’s an overview of past months downloads:

While not going into the exact number of downloads, it’s certainly an interesting graph to look at. Even with a single month of data there is a pattern of peaks and drops recognizable.

The same data averaged by weekday shows a clearer picture:

On average the number of Airwaves downloads increases during the weekends. This can probably be explained by customers searching for Audio and AirPlay related apps, which happens more often when not at work.

Not sure how to explain the dramatic drop on Thursdays.

(Popularity during the weekend could just as well be a App Store wide trend, however I don’t have other Mac app sales stats to compare to. I also don’t see a similar trend in my iOS apps).

This blog has a pattern completely opposite of the graph above. Guess my readers (you) primarily visit during working hours.

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