Joris Kluivers

I like to build software.

My Current Side Projects

Like many developers I like working on my own side projects next to my usual daily activities. This gives me some distraction and also the opportunity to use new technologies I would’t use normally.

However the number of projects I started and never finished is growing. Sometimes I get bored with a project or even forget about it and just start something new. Inspired by Matt Swanson I decided to publish the list of my current projects.

Focus is a matter of deciding what things you’re not going to do.
- John Carmack

By keeping track of my projects here I hope to shorten the list eventually. Preferably by launching a finished version to the public, or to cancel the project all together. This also means I’ll try not to start new projects anymore and instead focus on any of the existing projects.


What started as a weekend project to render vectors from custom shape files eventually turned into a Mac application to generate PNG artwork for apps and web. The general mechanics of the app are finished and I use the app regularly myself. But too many details required for a release version are still missing. Teaser Website


My Quartz Composer implementation for iOS. An ongoing effort to implement more Quartz Composer functionality & patches. / qc-mobile

A game

I’ve been playing with the thought of releasing a game for iOS. I’ve got several ideas ranging from very simple to kind of complex. The idea is to release the most simple game first to gain some experience using the frameworks involved and build on that experience to create the complex game. Especially now that iOS 7 will introduce SpriteKit for 2d games this idea got more enticing.

Procedural Generation of 3d content

Floorplans is a codename for my app to procedurally generate models for 3d buildings. It uses SceneKit on the mac to display models and content.

iOS 7 article series

So many new frameworks and technologies will be introduced with iOS 7 & Mavericks. Unfortunately due to the NDA developers are not able to post any in depth information yet. I’m working on a series of articles detailing my experiences with some of the new frameworks. More on that as soon as iOS 7 goes live.

Posts about new things in iOS 7 published so far: