Joris Kluivers

I like to build software.

Consolidating My Web Presence

In an effort to consolidate my web presence I relaunched From now on there will be only one place to find me online, and you’re currently looking at it.

Up till now there have been several places where I wrote content. An abandoned blog at, a custom wordpress blog with one or two posts a month and a few random pages where I published software. From now all this content (dating back to 2005) will be available here at this domain.

I even brought back some dead links to old content that had disappeared (thank you Way Back Machine )

The content here is published using the Octopress blogging framework.


My Rakefile contains the following line

rsync_delete   = false

This way I’m able to keep some older content (like my SteveNote Bingo) alongside the static files generated by Octopress.

Importing old content

Importing older content was quite easy.

From Wordpress

I used exitwp to convert my exported xml into Markdown files to copy into Octopress. Check the exitwp readme for detailed instructions and dependencies.

From Blogger

  • Settings -> Basic -> Export - Results in an xml file for download.
  • git clone git://
  • ruby import.rb your-blog.xml

This generates a set of html files that can be copy pasted in your Octopress _posts directory. No HTML to Markdown conversion took place on the files, so it’s basically ugly html with inline css. I fixed some posts to look better, but left others in tact bacause they just looked ok enough.