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Best Improvement in Twitter 4.1 for iOS

The Februari 21 release post for the new Twitter version doesn’t mention my favorite improvement. Ever since the new UI was launched I had the feeling the app didn’t work very well together with app switching. Every single time I opened the app I was presented with a splash screen with a big logo, not a good sign in the age of iOS multitasking. The app was starting up fresh each time because the OS had shut it down, or worse: they presented this logo on purpose delaying me from seeing my timeline.

The 4.1 version solves this.

The app is way more efficient now and I am presented with my timeline immediately. I have not seen a single restart of the app which was not caused by me forcing it to shut down on purpose. Also the new Launch image doesn’t contain a logo anymore:

This indicates to me Twitter realizes it’s in their and the users interest to launch as fast as possible.