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Fully Customizable Activity Indicator View

The idea of re-implementing standard UI components from iOS has been floating around in my head for a while now. The UI kit controls and views are great, but when working with designers you’ll notice they always tend to tweak everything a little. I’ll always advice you to use the standard controlls wherever possible, but wouldn’t it be great if you could customize the color or change the size a little bit?

I recently came across the Spin.js which implements a activity indicator using css and javascipt. This lead me to start working on my own customizable view for iOS, usable in native applications.

Introducing JKActivityIndicatorView

A custom implementation of a UIActivityIndicatorView. Everything will be customizable. Current customizable properties:

  • Number of lines
  • Line width
  • Line length
  • Animation speed
  • Radius

This is a work in progress, bug reports are welcome.

Source + demo app

A demonstration video (available in HD):

Please remember that an activity indicator view alone is usually not enough! Make sure you place it on a contrasting background if it’s not visible enough or when you don’t know what will be displayed underneath. How not to do this:

Invisible loading indicator in Can't Wait app