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Piracy Heat Map for an Android App

[caption id=”attachment_9” align=”aligncenter” width=”440” caption=”Piracy Heatmap for Screebl Pro”][/caption]

If I’m not pirating apps, and you aren’t, and no one knows anyone who is, where is the piracy coming from?

To answer the question of who is pirating the Screebl Pro¬†Android app, it’s developer whipped up a chart with piracy numbers per country of the world. (The number of installations compared to the number of actual sales for that country).

It turns out 67% of the total number of 8659 installations were pirated. Out of all pirated installs only 14% came from countries that don’t support the purchase of apps in the Android Market.

Top countries with the highest number of pirated installs out of the total installs for that country:

  1. Australia (92%)

  2. Italy & Spain (both 89%)

  3. France (78%)

  4. Germany & Netherlands (both 76%)

  5. Canada (74%)