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iTunes Connect Updates

By now all registered iOS developers should have received the following email:

We are excited to announce that all financial reports and future payments will be presented on iTunes Connect in the new Payments and Financial Reports module. This new module replaces the Financial Reports module and features new ways to view your financial information, including:

  • A consolidated single monthly payment for all your proceeds worldwide, reducing bank fees and costs*.

  • Clearer presentation of amounts earned, amounts owed, and a reconciliation between the reported sales and the amounts paid.

  • A Dashboard view of financial information including last payment, amount owed, and latest monthly earnings.

  • Rolling transaction history showing the cumulative balance of amounts earned, taxes, and payments by reporting currency.

  • Graphical views of unit sales and payment trends.

  • Consistent scheduling and timing of reports and payments each month.

  • Improved messaging if your bank returns payments we’ve issued.

*This assumes you have a single bank account setup for all payments worldwide.

In addition, we’ve reduced the thresholds required for you to be paid, increasing the likelihood you’ll receive proceeds each month.

You can find more detail on all the new features and changes in the user guide, which is available within the new Payments and Financial Reports module, or visit the Frequently Asked Questions section of ITunes Connect for more information.

From now on proceeds from all regions will be payed at once in a single transfer. This should lower banking costs and help reach the payment threshold more quickly. The iTunes Connect interface also got a slight update (with quick summaries) improving over the sparse interface from before. However even with the current changes I won’t give up on advanced reporting by AppViz and