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Zip.framework Version 0.1

Today I released my first version of Zip.framework. The framework aims at providing functionality to work with archives directly in Objective-c. A small example:

ZipArchive *zip = [[ZipArchive alloc] initWithFile:@"/path/to/"];
FILE *file = [zip entryNamed:@"some/file.txt"];
// do some reading on file
So no need to extract to intermediate files using command line tools or any sign of NSTask anymore. This first version only supports reading, writing to zip files is planned for future versions.

The framework is available as binary or source version. To get the complete Xcode project use svn checkout zip-framework.

Code is released under the (new)BSD license.


I am new to objective c /cocoa development and I an having trouble getting your framework into my project. Could you help me out?
Joris Kluivers
There have been some updates, but mainly to fix some memory bugs. Reading should work correctly now. No support for writing planned anytime soon.

I intend to expand on the reading first, like support for password protected files
Are there any updates to your framework so far, i.e. write support?